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Graduating Class of 2018 Animas High School

Why I choose Animas

          One reason I choose Animas high school is because of the learning community, I am a visual learner and cannot fully understand something useless I have seen it. Animas supports and excels me in ways I didn’t even know were possible throughout academics. The environment at Animas is definitely different than other schools I’ve been to in the past, they strongly believe in public speaking, student opinions, professionalism and ownership. Each of these has it’s own way of helping me in the future. Project based learning is something else that inspired me to come to this high school, being able to put creative aspects into all of my work has positively changed the quality of it. Also, connecting my ideas to real world problems has motivated me to think about my education differently. Student teacher relationships are something Animas strives for; I have only been to one other school where we could call teachers by their fist names. I believe that good student teacher relationships help push me to my limits to get the best possible outcome in my education. Animas has helped me see what I am really capable of so far and how my education will help me in the future.

Claire Leffler's

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